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Coaching Information

GNBL Waiver Forms:  You must mail your Waiver Forms to:  GNBL, P.O. Box 506, Hudson, WI 54016 BEFORE your first tournament or the Club will be fined.  

Concussions: Be aware of the new state guidelines and familiarize yourself regarding the signs and symptoms of a concussion. EACH coach must read the "Coaches Concussion Fact Sheet" and sign and return the "Concussion Coaches Agreement" to the GNBL.

If a child seeks medical attention relating to a concussion and has been removed from athletic activities because of a suspected or confirmed concussion or head injury, that child MAY NOT participate again until he/she is evaluated by a health care provider and receives written clearance to participate in the activity from the health care provider.  There 
is a also a free course available on-line at the National Federation of High School Sports, and it's worth taking the time to review.

NFHS Online Coach Concussion Course
GNBL Coach Concussion Agreement Form

Roster Submission:  Print off and submit this form BEFORE your first tournament or the Club will be fined (include participant name, address, and jersey number).


Play Date Preference Form:  Each coach MUST prepare and submit this form prior to the estimated deadlines listed below.  Failure to submit this form by the required deadline may cause your team to not be placed in the league or elminate your team from getting tournaments. These forms are emailed directly to each coach by either a Club officer or the GNBL.

GIRLS                                                                                     BOYS
8th    -    August 1                                                                   8th    -    August 29
7th    -    August 8                                                                   7th    -    September 5
6th    -    August 15                                                                 6th    -    August 22
5th    -    September 15                                                           5th    -    September 15

Ordering Uniforms:  You or a parent representative are responsible for ordering jerseys for your group.  Club will pay $15.00 toward each jersey for kids entering the 3rd or 4th grade program and 5th and 7th grades, and the remaining amount is paid directly by the group or participant.

Season of Play:  It is EXTREMELY important that EACH coach use the Club's season of play rules.  This helps eliminate the already overbooked and overcrowded gym use needs.  Each team will practice a MAXIMUM of twice per week prior to a team's first tournament.  If a coach schedules more than the recommended two practices per week and there are other teams trying to schedule a practice, that coach's practice may be cancelled.  PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING AS YOUR GUIDELINE:

            GIRLS                                                                        BOYS                                   
              SCHOOL            CLUB                                              SCHOOL               CLUB
4th    -    N/A                     mid-Oct. - mid-Dec.                        N/A                        mid-Oct. - mid-Dec. 
5th    -    Sept-Oct.            Dec.-Feb.                                       Oct.-Dec.               Dec.-Feb.
6th    -    Sept-Oct.            Dec.-Feb.                                       Oct.-Dec.               Dec.-Feb.
7th    -    Jan-Feb              Oct-Christmas                                Oct.-Dec.               Jan.-March
8th    -    Jan-Feb.             Oct-Christmas                                Oct.-Dec.               Jan.-March

Pre-Meet Phone Calls:  The GNBL requires that all host teams make "pre-meet" telephone calls.  To ensure that all teams will be at your meet, it is your responsibility to contact the coaches or contacts for all teams attending your meet one week in advance to verify their attendance and start time of each team's first game.  The GNBL or Club will email all the necessary information for you to contact the visiting teams.  If you do not receive this list by email the weekend before your home meet, please contact Terri Green at [email protected].  Please note that if you choose to email the visiting teams, you must receive a confirmation in return (not just a read-receipt); otherwise you should make contact via telephone.

Reporting Scores From Your Home Tournament:  Report scores for each game from your home tournament to the GNBL no later than 10 a.m. the Monday after your tournament.  Call in scores to Tracie Tilton --  not Terri Green.  If there is a problem at your meet or an issue you need to discuss, you should contact Terri Green.  Use one of these methods to report your scores:

FAX:  715-749-4198                            PHONE:  715-749-9048                        EMAIL:  [email protected]
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